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Easy Crochet Blanket

This Easy Crochet Blanket is probably something you won’t see everyday. It looks hard to make but it’s easy to complete. This blanket can be made as large or small as you like. You can make this into a baby blanket, throw, full size blanket, or even king size blanket. You choose the size by simply following the instructions given in the video to reach your desired width and length. There is no need to be able to read patterns to complete this project.

It is great for all ages. The blanket features 2 colors. The pattern looks almost like an open weave. Follow along with me and complete one for yourself or a loved one. Only simple stitches used. Most complicated is a picot, which I demonstrate for you. This pattern can also be used for scarfs, headbands, blankets, shawls, throws, blankets, etc. Great for women, boys, men, or whoever likes to be warm and cozy. This pattern uses basic stitches such as the chain and double crochet.

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Source: Yolanda Soto Lopez

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