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Correct Way to Change Yarn Color in Crochet

When changing color at the beginning or end of a row you never want to complete the last stitch. Instead you want to work the last stitch to where there are only two loops left on your hook. In this lesson I show you how to change yarn color by demonstrating the single crochet stitch, but the guidelines are the same for any crochet stitch that you use.
When you change yarn color while crocheting it is helpful to understand that a slip knot is not important. The only thing you need to do when changing yarn color is fold the new color in half leaving about 4 inches left on the tail end, and draw the new color through the 2 loops that are left on the hook.

After the new color is threaded through the old color treat the work as before by chaining. In this lesson I chain only once because I use the single crochet stitch as the example.

Another thing to remember when you change color is to crochet over the loose ends. This is also demonstrated in the tutorial.

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