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Berry Stitch Free Crochet Pattern

Stitch Repeat Berry Stitch Free Crochet Pattern

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Source: Maggie Weldon

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3 thoughts on “Berry Stitch Free Crochet Pattern

  • Love this pattern! Is easy to do, too! Can’t wait to try it on a project!!

  • Shirley Gagne

    Thank you for so much. I found a great Pattern last year, but I could’ t make it because my grandson has allergies. So I’ve moved and started making a throw. I was having such fun that I made too many squares. I thought I should find a few new squares. OMG…did I ever find squares. I would never have guessed what I have found. I was a teenager when I made a traditional granny blanket, but didn’t really enjoy it. So my lap quilt has now grown to a double size and a lap size for the recliner. I chose the waffle and the berry to add to my granny stash. I wish I had learned about stunning and fascinating grannies long ago.

  • Arlita Robinson

    I was looking for something for a temperature throw. I couldn’t decide whether to crochet, knit, or an afghan stitch. I saw this and I think this will work nicely. Thanks a lot.


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